Flameproof Safety Switches


Switches are provided in Flameproof Enclosure as per
IS/IEC 60079-1:2014. For Gas Groups IIA &IIB the Enclosure
is made from Alloy Cast Aluminium Grade LM6.

For Gas Groups |, IIA & IIB the Enclosure is made from Cast
Iron Grade FG-150.

Enclosures are epoxy painted by electrostatic powder
coating technique.

    • Switches available in Cast Iron or Die Cast Aluminum enclosures in sophisticated as well as economic versions.
    • Switches are also available in Flame Proof Enclosures and Industrial Polymer Enclosure to withstand Chemical / Fertilizer / Saline (Seashore) environment.
    • SS screws captive in covers to ensure proper retightening after opening for inspection / wiring etc.
    • Built in terminal box for sophisticated models, incorporating moulded stud type terminals for easy wiring / looping.
    • Switching elements have Silver-Cadmium alloy tipped contacts with double break and wide contact separation
      for optimum switching performance.
    • Threaded cable entries are provided to suit single / double compression type cable glands.
    • 1-0 action available in this model SW- 4038, 1-0-1 action in model Sw-4037
    • Unique toggle type mechanism provides snap action & local manual reset for model SW- 4038.
    • Available in contact combinations 1 NO + 1NC /2NO+2NC / 1NO+3NC / 3NO+3NC.
    • Optional accessories available: rope, hook, clamp, tension spring, turn-buckle, anchor hook, mechanical flag, LED lamp and terminal strip