Pull Cord Switch

Pull Key or Pull Cord Switch

Pull Cord Switch with Terminal Box & Lamp A sophisticated pull cord switch that is designed to avoid spurious tripping or accidental resets (snap action) and ensure that the switch will operate after long periods of unused (double break silver-cadmium tipped contacts).

Switches are available with IP66 grade protection.

    • Switches available in Cast Iron or Die Cast Aluminum enclosures in sophisticated as well as economic versions.
    • Switches are also available in Flame Proof Enclosures and Industrial Polymer Enclosure to withstand Chemical / Fertilizer / Saline (Seashore) environment.
    • SS screws captive in covers to ensure proper retightening after opening for inspection / wiring etc.
    • Built in terminal box for sophisticated models, incorporating moulded stud type terminals for easy wiring / looping.
    • Switching elements have Silver-Cadmium alloy tipped contacts with double break and wide contact separation
      for optimum switching performance.
    • Threaded cable entries are provided to suit single / double compression type cable glands.
    • 1-0 action available in this model SW- 4038, 1-0-1 action in model Sw-4037
    • Unique toggle type mechanism provides snap action & local manual reset for model SW- 4038.
    • Available in contact combinations 1 NO + 1NC /2NO+2NC / 1NO+3NC / 3NO+3NC.
    • Optional accessories available: rope, hook, clamp, tension spring, turn-buckle, anchor hook, mechanical flag, LED lamp and terminal strip