Standard Motors

Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors (30W – 3000W) with their fast response time and optional brake and gearbox are ideal for motion control applications in diverse industries such as textiles, diamond cutting & polishing, robotics, machine tools, packaging, printing, woodworking and many more.

Brushless Motor efficiencies exceed the “Super Premium Efficiency” or IE4 standard and can be used in appliances to achieve the coveted BEE 5 Star rating.

BLDC and AC Servo Motors with suitable drives are available in different sizes. See table below to select the right motor for your application.

Award Winning Motors

Brushless AC/DC Motors(Standard Models)

1. Motors available with Encoder or Hall feedback
2. Insulation Class F
3. Protection Grade IP54 for frame type motors.
4. Low Voltage and 230V models available
5. Ask for custom requirements
6. The number nn in Bxnn is the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) in mm.