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It all began in 1972 when the first Jayashree product “Electrodynamic Speed Switch” was patented. The dream of import substitution was realized in those first euphoric days of Indian Industrial Expansion. This laid the technological foundation for today’s “Jayashree Group of Companies”.From this modest beginning sprung a stream of products at a steady and sustained rate.

By 1980, a range of Belt conveyor safety switches inclusive of Pull Cord, Belt Sway, Roller Limit, De interlocking & Rotary Cam ‘switches’ was introduced in the market. Each product contributing to the reliability & and safety of material handling systems.




Our Products

Conveyor Safety Switches

Market leading High Quality Belt Sway, Pull Cord, Belt Tear and Belt Speed Switches with thousands of satisfied customers in and outside India. Switches are available with many options and with IP66 grade protection.

Belt Watch Indication System

Jayashree “BELT WATCH” is a sophisticated 2 wire monitoring and indication system that is simple, cost effective and most importantly-highly reliable. It identifies the actuated switch in case of emergency so that…

Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors (30W – 3000W) are ideal for motion control applications in diverse industries such as textiles, diamond cutting & polishing, robotics, machine tools, packaging, printing, woodworking and many more.


Our Mission

We strive to serve our customers with integrity by continuing to deliver quality products and superior after-sales services. We collaborate with our customers to custom-design products by drawing from over 40 years of engineering experience, and expertise developed by servicing a wide range of industries from steel, cement and mining to thermal power.




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