Conveyor Safety

Conveyor safety is all about risk mitigation. A small investment essential to protect a much larger investment in your project and to protect your production, plant & machinery and people. Read more…


Pull Cord Switches

Pull Cord Switch with Terminal Box & LampA sophisticated pull cord switch that is designed to avoid spurious tripping or accidental resets (snap action) and ensure that the switch will operate after long periods of unused (double break silver-cadmium tipped contacts).

Belt Sway Switch with indicator lamp

A self-resetting switch that is actuated when the belt sways beyond the permissible limits. The switch is carefully designed to allow over travel of the actuating roller and the switching mechanism is isolated from the mechanical actuating roller.

Belt Watch Master and Sensor units

A sophisticated 2 wire system to monitor conyeyor safeties : Pull Cord & Belt Sway Switches are installed along the length of conveyor to provide safety against malfunctioning.

Belt Tear Switch

Belt Tear Switch This switch is used to monitor any damage to the belt where the belt may be torn and the material is coming through the tear.


Heavy Duty Limit Switch

Available in Die Cast Aluminum or Industrial Polymer enclosures in sophisticated as well as economic versions. Metallic enclosures are epoxy painted by electrostatic powder coating technique and effective sealing is provided by specially designed Nitrile Rubber gaskets for the covers and shaft entries to achieve IP65 grade of protection.

Signalling Unit

Signalling units provide excellent visual indication of actuated conveyor safety switches along long conveyors. They also provide a pre-start audio alarm to alert anyone near the conveyor that the conveyor is about to start.