Jayashree Electrodevices – leaders in conveyor safety & motion control

Our Mission

We strive to serve our customers with integrity by continuing to deliver quality products and superior after-sales services. We collaborate with our customers to custom-design products by drawing from over 40 years of engineering experience, and expertise developed by servicing a wide range of industries from steel, cement and mining to thermal power.

We continue to maintain our market leadership position and to meet customer needs by bringing new high quality products to market through innovation and technology partnerships.

Our Quality Policy

Jayashree Electrodevices’ Management and Employees are committed to Customer Satisfaction by consistently meeting customer requirements as well as expectations of product and service quality by striving to achieve:

  • On time and in-full delivery with zero defects
  • Zero defects / errors in all transaction documents
  • Quick and complete response to customer queries

We will do this by continually improving our Quality Management System and Processes, by ensuring compliance in day-to-day operations and by maintaining a work environment that meets all statutory, health & safety regulations.

Our Design Philosophy

Maximize customer satisfaction and peace of mind by creating:

  • Quality Products that are built to last and are competitively priced
  • Reliable products that deliver consistent performance
  • Value for Money products that maximize customer’s Return on Investment

Our History

Jayashree Electrodevices Factory BuildingIt all began in 1972 when the first Jayashree product Electrodynamic Speed Switch was patented. The dream of import substitution was realized in those first euphoric days of Indian Industrial Expansion. This laid the technological foundation for today’s “Jayashree Group of Companies”.

From this modest beginning sprung a stream of products at a steady and sustained rate.

By 1980, a range of Belt conveyor safety switches inclusive of Pull Cord, Belt Sway, Roller Limit, Deinterlocking & Rotary Cam ‘switches’ was introduced in the market. Each product contributing to the reliability & and safety of material handling systems.

The development now reached a new high, giving birth to sophisticated products such as Belt Watch (Indication System) and control & power products such as Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors and matching Digital Control Drives.

Jayashree has, over the years come to be associated with impeccable quality reflected in the complete confidence reposed in us by our satisfied customers (Customer List).

Yet, the confidence is also a measure of the professional services rendered by the nationwide network of competent and committed representatives/dealers. They are our strength. Service is their credo.

Today, Jayashree is a Leading Manufacturer of conveyor safety switches, sensors, soft starters, brushless motors, drives and encoders. It is an ISO 9001:2008 company with 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with more than 200 employees. Jayashree is the market leader for remote indication systems (Belt Watch) with over 1,000 satisfied customers across the country.

Jayashree also offers OIML  type approved weighing solutions (Belt Scales and Weigh Feeders) from ESiT.

We look to the future with supreme confidence armed with a strong team of highly trained and dedicated work force backed by modern R&D, production facilities and global technology partners with world-class products.

A leader in Conveyor Safety and BLDC / Servo Motors & Servo Drives

The company has served customers for over 40 years and manufactures conveyor safety switches and belt scales for bulk material handling industry; and BLDC / brushless servo motors and drives for motion control.

Conveyor Safety – Pull Cord and Belt Sway Switches

Some very special features of Jayashree safety switches enhance the safety levels for conveyor systems & operating personnel & fully conform to the End User’s safety requirements.

When the technical specifications are silent on the same, the focus goes to acquiring switches at the lowest possible price at the cost of safety aspect of plant & personnel.

Please see more at “Conveyor Safety and Risk Mitigation“.

Brushless DC (BLDC) and AC Servo Motors

Our motors are suitable for all speed and position control applications that require power in the range from 30 Watt to 3000 Watt and are available in frame sizes ranging from 42 to 130.

Solutions are available for low voltage (12 – 70 V DC) applications as well 230 V AC.

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