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Conveyor Safety Switches


Conveyor Safety Switches

Market leading High Quality Belt Sway, Pull Cord, Belt Tear and Belt Speed Switches with thousands of satisfied customers in and outside India. Switches are available with many options and with IP66 grade protection.

Pull Cord Switches

Pull Cord Switch with indicator.

Pull Cord Switch

Pull Cord Switch with Terminal Box & Lamp A sophisticated pull cord switch that is designed to avoid spurious tripping or accidental resets (snap action) and ensure that the switch will operate after long periods of unused (double break silver-cadmium tipped contacts).

Belt Sway Switches

Belt Sway Switch with indicator lamp

Belt Sway Switch with indicator lamp

Belt Sway Switch A self-resetting switch that is actuated when the belt sways beyond the permissible limits. The switch is carefully designed to allow over travel of the actuating roller and the switching mechanism is isolated from the mechanical actuating roller.


Belt Watch

Belt Watch Indication System Master and Sensor units

Belt Watch Master and Sensor units

Belt Watch is a sophisticated 2 wire indication system to monitor conveyor safeties.

Modern complex bulk material conveying systems contain a large number of belts having considerable lengths, involving hundreds of safety switches. Checking out the actuated switch for rectifying and putting the system back into operation, therefore, becomes a long drawn out process resulting in huge production loss.

Jayashree “BELT WATCH” is a sophisticated monitoring and indication system that is simple, cost effective and most importantly-highly reliable.


Award Winning Motors

Award Winning Motors

Brushless Motors (30W – 3000W) with their fast response time and optional brake and gearbox are ideal for motion control applications in diverse industries such as textiles, diamond cutting & polishing, robotics, machine tools, packaging, printing, woodworking and many more.

BLDC motors with (or without) Hall feedback can be used for speed control applications while AC Servo motors with encoder feedback are used for speed and position control applications.

BLDC and AC Servo Motors with suitable drives are available in different sizes.

Jayashree offers a complete solution with a brushless servo motor, encoder, AC vector control servo drive and optional brake in 30 W – 3000 W range. We work with OEMs to design and deliver a solution that meets their electrical and mechanical design specification.

Precise Control

State-of-the-art, closed-loop, AC vector servo gives you smooth, quiet and repeatable motion and control of position, speed & torque in any direction.

High Performance

Jayashree servo motors deliver great performance due to their compact size and characteristics of high peak torque, high continuous torque and high rated speed— with a low cogging torque.

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