Conveyor Safety, Motion Control & Weighing Solutions

Conveyor Safety Switches

Market leading High Quality Belt Sway, Pull Cord, Belt Tear and Belt Speed Switches with thousands of satisfied customers in and outside India. Switches are available with many options and with IP66 grade protection.

Belt Watch System

A sophisticated 2 wire system to monitor conveyor safeties : Pull Cord & Belt Sway Switches are installed along the length of conveyor to provide safety against malfunctioning.

Brushless Motors & Drives

Brushless Servo Motors with matching low voltage and 230V Drives and optional brake for precision motion control applications (30W - 3000W).

Weighing Solutions

OIML Certified Belt Scales, Weigh Feeders, Truck Scales and other products from ESIT. Assembled and Distributed in India by Jayashree.
Jayashree with its rich history of over 40 years is India's first and foremost manufacturer of Conveyor Safety Switches.